Beautiful Day in North Yorkshire – Summer’s come at last!

Started the day with my new diet. I’ve signed up with a company that sends you a hamper with 30 days worth of grub bit like ORP (Compo). You just add milk, water and a few fresh fruit and veg. Wait out and see if there is a skinnier me.

First task of the day was to go and get the lawnmower from the Lawnmower Centre in Northallerton and then mow the lawn. I’d love to publish a picture of a beautifully manicured lawn but its still so damp that it looks crap.

My next mission was to get flour into plastic bottles so that I can lay my trail for Tuesday’s hash. I’ve mixed some red powdered food dye into the flour in a bucket to make it easier to see on the ground. You may think it’s easy to transfer flour into bottle using a funnel. It isn’t. For some reason the spout of funnels get narrower towards the end. No problem with a fluid but with a powder it quickly gets clogged up. You have to fill it up a teaspoonful at a time.

Mixing and pouring the flour

This evening I popped over to the Manor Cafe in Leyburn which is a biker’s cafe. It was a great evening for a ride. There been all too few of them this year!

Manor Cafe, Leyburn

Manor Cafe, Leyburn

There were not many people there but I did get to admire some of the bike porn – including this beauty.
Manor cafe, Leyburn

Its a self build based on a 1951 Pan Head.

If anyone is wondering, I’m a total coward – I had zip off Draggin Jeans on under my kilt and zipped off the legs when I got there and zipped ’em back on to go home.


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