Making the multicam kilt.

I started the day by going to the gym. Unfortunately they were not doing the route march (AFT Training) that I wanted to do so I set off on my own for a 6 mile hike in boots and webbing. It rained.

This afternoon I started on the multicam kilt. First I cut it to length and joined the pieces to form a 5 1/2 yard length.

5 /2 yards of multicam.

Next I made the front and back aprons. 20″ at the top and 23″ at the bottom. Ironed them in and reinforced it with wonderweb. I needed to put in the first pleat on either side of the aprons.

Next I needed to calculate the size and number of pleats. I decided to have pleats with a 1″ gap so I needed the measurement my breach less the length of the front apron which meant I needed 24 pleats. The size of the pleats comes from dividing the total length by 24. The pleates were put in with pins and then ironed into place. Some adjustment was then necessary to get the waist to the correct length.

Down, test and adjust the pleats.

Down, test and adjust the pleats.

Next task is to sew the pleats in. This quite laborious and I’m about 4 pleats of 24 in. This is ajust a gratuatous ghost image int he window to prove i was there.

Reflecting on the job


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