It’s still raining – The drowned rat Hash in Knaresborough

What an exciting evening I’ve had. It’s been raining here in Catterick (and pretty much the rest of the country) since Sunday. Our local motorway, the A1(M) is closed due to flooding. Any way I set off for Knaresborough, and a Hash, via the back roads through places like Masham (pronounced Maz -ham) and Ripon. The River Ure is overflowing it’s banks and I had to explore the amphibious qualities of the Suzuki Grand Vitara – very good if your asking.

The Hash was a bit of a wash out as the hare couldn’t lay a trail without it being washed a way – we just ran from one spot to another for an hour or so in the rain.

Drowned Rat

Drowned Rat

The journey home was almost uneventful. I had to make a couple of diversions due to roads being closed but the route eventually went on was large puddles rather than fording rivers – until I was withing a few miles of home. I was climbing what seemed like a bloody great mountain coming into Scotton when it plateaued out.. There seemed to be a little surface water so i slowly an confidently drove through it. It got deeper and deeper. The lights went out and the car lost power. Fortunately the bow wave subsided and the power came back and I was able to make progress – more slowly.


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