That was Kilted September

I’m home from OKEHAMPTON and EXERCISE NOBLE LEDGER which you can read all about on the ARRC’s website if you’re interested. I was actually in Devon in a side bit:

Exercise Noble Ledger 2012 HQ JLSG

Exercise Noble Ledger 2012 HQ JLSG

The photo is from ARRC’s open source Flickr account for those that worry about ‘security’.

Anyway I arrived in Devon on 26 September after a nightmare drive through rivers and floods and traffic jams. I was kilted and I wore my kilt in the bar several times up to the 30th.

I’ve no doubt that several people probably thought I was grandstanding but I suppose being a  multinational organization they are used to people being different. Anyone I explained the KTKC concept to was fully supportive. Unfortunately I didn’t get any snaps to liven this blog up with.

I did take a picture of this rather angry dragon which was trying to get into our secret NATO HQ. It must have thought that the risk of drowning was greater than the risk of being trodden on.

Angry Dragon

Angry Dragon

To be honest I’m not sure it is a gecko and salamander or a large tadpole. There were certainly a lot of frogs joining us in the tent to escape the dreadfull weather. Squashed frogs under the flooring may also account for the interesting smell.

KTKC What next?

I think KTKC UK was a success albeit limited. The concept worked, people understood the point – so next September I’d like it to be bigger, better, shinier and more ambitious.

I intend to organise a headline event, probably in CATTERICK GARRISON – as that’s where I am. I’d like to think others might organise other things up and down the country.

Remember – A kilt is not just for September.

I don’t intend to blog regularly but If i have anything relevant to say I will.


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