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Kilted To Kick Cancer was started in the US in 2011. The idea is to for participants to wear their kilts as often as practical, especially in September, and if anyone asks why explain that you’re ‘kilted to kick cancer. The idea was imported to the UK in 2012. In the US there is an emphasis on prostate cancer but in the UK we are concerned with all forms of cancer. KTKC isn’t a charity and we not not aiming to raise money for ourselves but if you want to help to fight cancer please donate to Cancer Research UK. You can follow the link or at the bottom of the page.

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The bad news is that cancer is nasty and if left undiagnosed and treated the outcomes can be unpleasant! The good news is that most cancers are treatable if they are diagnosed early enough. If you think you might have symptoms then you need to talk to your doctor and get it checked. More good news is that despite the picture there is nothing to fear in the tests. Get it checked out – and encourage others to do so. There is plenty of information about cancer, I think the best place to look is on the Cancer Research UK site especially the Patient Information pages.

Healthy Lifestyle

There is no doubt that having a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk of having cancer and improves the outcomes of treatment if you are unlucky. Alcohol, red meat, fatty foods, the sun are all fine in moderation but can greatly increase your risk if overdone. Cancer Research UK’s Health Living page has plenty of good information.


I’ll apologise to the smokers for singling you out. I don’t know if smoking in moderation is harmful but I don’t know anyone who only has a cancer stick now and then. There is no doubt that smoking is a significant risk factor in a number of cancers and other diseases and that smokers are far more likely to have an unpleasant and painful illness and early death than non-smokers. I know that I won’t convince you and that I’m just boring you by repeating what you’ve already decided to ignore and anyway you might get lucky. I would ask you one favour. Please don’t encourage other people to smoke. I know it validates the choice you have made when other people around you make the same choice but it really not an act of friendship giving coffin nails to youngsters to start them off or to people trying to give up.


Use these links to join us on Facebook, help fight cancer by donating to Cancer Research UK, get good information about cancer and healthy living from Cancer Research UK or check out what they’re doing in the US:

Join us on     Donate to     Information about cancer       KTKC US


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